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New PDC Reamer from Inrock: Cleaner Holes. Efficient drilling.

Published — 2023-09-01

From their design and manufacturing headquarters in Houston, Texas, Inrock – the global leader in high performance Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) tools – is now launching an innovative, high quality PDC Reamer.  

Inrock’s PDC reamer has two key differentiators compared to competitors in the PDC tool market – optimized fluid flows and field-replaceable cutter blades. Optimized fluid flow is achieved by modeling the tool design in a variety of downhole fluid environments, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The modeling is used to optimize hole cleaning so that fresh rock can be exposed to the cutting structure and the risk of bit balling is minimized. This optimization enables more productive drilling time and extends tool life. The field-replaceable cutter blades enable the tool to be run in a push or pull configuration and allow easy change-out in the field. 

“We have combined our many years of HDD experience with innovation, to maximize the productivity and efficiency of this new reamer, and we are proud to be pioneers in introducing CFD technology in the HDD industry” says Simon Mitchell, Vice President Operations at Inrock. 

With the innovative engineering behind the reamer, and the use of selected premium materials, you are able to increase your rate of penetration and ensure a more stable and efficient drilling process – all with a longer service life of the product. The on-site rebuildability of the tool enables drilling contractors to replace worn cutting structure, without having to ship an entire new tool out, and gives higher flexibility when drilling conditions are tougher than anticipated.  

The PDC reamer is suited for drilling sedimentary rocks up to 15000 psi (100 MPa), including sandstone, shales, cherts, limestone and claystones. It is available in multiple sizes from 12-¾” through to 30”.  

Read more about the new PDC Reamer here.

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