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The ParaTrack At Bit Inclination Assembly (ABIA) reports inclination in real-time by taking readings directly behind the bit. This information is essential on tight radius bores, large dia- meter pipe or when the chances of deflections are high (hard or fractured formations). This information can make the difference between keeping the bore on target and abandoning the hole.

The ABIA is a sophisticated tool that is embedded directly into INROCK’s XTM 8″ and 6 ¾” Mud Motors. The absolute inclination is measured at the bit and transmitted via EM transmission to the ParaTrack 2 probe located in the drill collar behind the motor. The inclination is then monitored by the RivCross software. Comparing ABIA inclination with the inclination of the ParaTrack 2 probe, the Guidance Engineer can monitor any deviation or deflection issues. The fractured formation can cause deflections in drilling, with the ABIA the deflection is seen and corrected before trouble strikes.


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Features and benefits

Measurements taken directly behind the bit.
Only HDD tool capable of providing inclination measurements taken directly behind the bit.

Critical steering feedback
It provides critical steering feedback in tight radius bores or changing ground conditions and is compatible with all common HDD pilot hole sizes