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INROCK’S patented XTR-W® reaming platform provides a high-quality alternative to traditional “split bit” reamers to an affordable price. The streamlined design utilizes INROCK’s proven segment technology to deliver a performance drilling tool at an attractive price point.  It can be reused with the change of cutters and can be used with a variety of rig sizes. It is a fully flexible solution where the cutter is replaceable to fit different geologies leading to an optimal penetration rate and maximum service life.
The XTR-W® HF Cutter for hard rock is especially well suited for medium rig customers and complements already existing cutters for soft and medium rock formations.

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Features and benefits

More TCI Coverage than other cutters in the market
Maintain insert coverage in abrasive & hard rock. Less risk of gauge failure

Updates performed to cutting structure
Optimal flushing for harder rock cuttings

Less aggressive TCI outline
A spherical shape to reduce the risk of fracture vs. a more aggressive shape. More wear resistant in harder rock that a ballistic insert

New chemical composition of TCI
More resistance in hard, abrasive and fissured rock. Sandvik premium tungsten carbide, made in Sweden


All XTR-W tools undergo a rigorous design process including finite element analysis (FEA). INROCK utilizes dynamic computer-based simulations to ensure tools can withstand the rigors of HDD operations before they go downhole. This includes utilizing our proprietary methodology to analyze the impact of a tight radius or dogleg formations. All XTR-W tools are manufactured in-house providing full traceability of each component. In addition, all tools undergo demanding quality control measures including the inspection of all welds by a 3rd party. All of this contributes to delivering a high-quality tool every time.