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INROCK’s patented XTR-W reaming platform, provides a high-quality alternative to traditional “split bit” reamers. The streamlined and robust XTR-W design leverages INROCK’s proven cutter segment technology to deliver a cost-effective and high-performance reaming tool. XTR-W reamers can be built on a range of connection types and utilize MT, TCI, Hard Rock TCI or Premium TCI cutter segments. XTR-W reamers can be used on both small and large rigs and come in sizes ranging from 12-3/4” up to 48”.


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Features and benefits

Can be rebuilt & reused
Designed specifically for small and medium HDD rigs, the patented, streamlined body design can be rebuilt and reused.

Multiple cutting structure options
The XTR – W Reamers are built with 8.5” to 16” reamer segments in multiple cutting structure options and are available in sizes from 12-3/4” up to 42” on multiple connection types


All XTR-W tools undergo a rigorous design process including finite element analysis (FEA). INROCK utilizes dynamic computer-based simulations to ensure tools can withstand the rigors of HDD operations before they go downhole. This includes utilizing our proprietary methodology to analyze the impact of a tight radius or dogleg formations. All XTR-W tools are manufactured in-house providing full traceability of each component. In addition, all tools undergo demanding quality control measures including the inspection of all welds by a 3rd party. All of this contributes to delivering a high-quality tool every time.