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Gyro Module

The ParaTrack Gyro Module (PGM) is designed to extend the capabilities of the ParaTrack System in areas where magnetic interference poses operational challenges for tracking and surveying or for extended reach intervals where surface tracking is not available.

The PGM integrates seamlessly with the entire ParaTrack System of tools and software, giving the operator complete flexibility in choosing the tool best suited for each project. The PGM is effective even in hard-rock environments, with tolerance for high vibration drilling, and requires no lengthy down-hole re-orientations.

Prior to punch-out absolute bit position can be verified via one or more of the multiple surface tracking options offered through the ParaTrack System – at depths of up to 1500′ – more than 10x the depth of competing systems.

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Features and benefits

Leading sensors
Utilizes leading fiber optic north seeking gyro sensors

Reliable even in high-vibration and/or high flow environments.

Compatible with the entire ParaTrack line of steering, tracking, and surveying tools and accessories