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Safety Tongs

INROCK safety tongs are a portable, hydraulic powered, make-up/break-out tong set. Quick and easy hook up to safely handle your toughest connections with ease. These units provide a safe alternative for tool makeup and breakout and can be deployed quickly for the remote breakout or makeup of threaded joints anywhere in the field.

INROCK offers Safety Tongs capable of handling connection torque values ranging from 2,600 ft/lbs to 120,000 ft/lbs and can be used with a manual hydraulic hand pump or an electrically operated pump.

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Features and benefits

Easy connections
Safe and easy way to make/break tool connections in the field

Multiple pump options
Electrical or hand driven pump options available

High range of connection
Capable of handling connections ranging from 2,600 ft/lbs up to 120,000 ft./lbs of torque