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Paratrack 2

Field-proven on tens of thousands of projects, the ParaTrack Steering Tool is the foundation of the ParaTrack System of tools. Based on low current AC power, driven by a small light weight power supply, and utilizing inexpensive, light gauge wire, ParaTrack2 saves money by significantly reducing setup and survey time, while also offering superior survey quality at deeper depths or in magnetically noisy environments. State of the art magnetic and gravity sensors in a lightweight yet rugged housing provides reliable survey information on its own.

ParaTrack 2 software gives the user the ability to utilize many advantages in secondary tracking. Single wire tracking allows the engineer the ability to place a single 10 – 14 gauge wire along the bore path (can be offset) and grounded at both ends. Applying AC current to the wire generates a magnetic field that the ParaTrack probe can detect.

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Features and benefits

Precision tracking at greater dephts
Precision tracking from entry to exit at greater depths than competing systems

Magnetic and gyro tracking methods
Integrates seamlessly with the entire ParaTrack offering of magnetic and gyro tracking methods. Its rugged tool design withstands the most difficult operating environments