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Mud Motors

Choosing the correct mud motor is critical to the success of drilling a successful pilot hole, which serves and the foundation of a successful HDD project. Inrock’s motor line is designed specifically to meet the demands of the HDD industry. Inrock’s motors are designed to increase the torque capacity of the driveshaft and bearing assembly thereby providing longer component life, reducing service costs and resulting in the lowest cost per foot drilling.
Inrock’s motor options include sealed and open bearing designs in sizes ranging from 3-3/4” up to 9-5/8” incorporating fixed and adjustable bend housings. Inrock’s mud motors can also be used with the industry leading ABIA guidance tool which provides inclination readings at the bit.

Features and benefits

Maximize Power
Power section and bearing assembly designed to maximize power and ability to steer in HDD applications.

ABIA Integration
Available in adjustable or fixed bend housings with ABIA integration available to measure inclination at the bit.