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INROCK gives you the possibility of controlling your operations remotely, with full visibility, from where you are.

The collection and analysis of project data is critical to improving operations. INROCK’s CROSSVIEW® system is the first electronic data recorder system (EDR) specifically  designed for the HDD industry.

CrossView® consists of a system of sensors, computers and networking equipment  designed to deliver critical rig information to a variety of users. Use CrossView® to improve operations and  increase profitability as well as share information securely with other project stakeholders in real-time.

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Features and benefits

Real-time data on rig operations
Analyze critical operating parameters in real time. Access data onsite or remotely

Powerful data analysis
Identify opportunities to improve performance. Identify potential problems before they occur

Intuitive user interface to monitor projects
User interface designed for HDD driller. HDD specific terminology incorporated throughout

Document HDD projects
Store detailed record of projects. Ensure compliance with key contract terms or regulatory requirements. Share information with relevant stakeholders