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Inrock’s accessories can be used for your applications to develop your productivity. Inrock can provide:

  • Non-Magnetic & Pressure Orientation Subs
  • Wire Line Spiders
  • Side Entry Adapter and Collector Ring
  • Pressure Module

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Non-magnetic & pressure orientation subs

Inrock can provide Non-Magnetic Orientation Subs for your application. Ranging in size from 3 3/4″ to 8″. Connections can be custom or standard sizes. Or Orientation Subs can be designed for pressure too. With Inrock’s ParaTrack Magnetic Guidance system with Pressure, you need a Pressure Non-Magnetic Orientation Sub. Inrock has designed and maintains a fleet of Orientation sub from 4 1/8″ OD to 8″.

Wire line spiders

Historically the use of wired guidance systems carried a risk of wireline shorts which in turn compromised the reliability of the wireline guidance system. Inrock has virtually eliminated downhole wireline shorts with their wireline spiders. The spiders are placed in the drill string every 500 to 1,000 feet and are used to keep the wire tight. They rest in the tool joint at the bottom of the “box” connection. Standard sizes include 2 7/8″, 3-1/2″ I.F., 4-1/2″ I.F., 5 1/2″ FH and 6-5/8″ F H. Our spiders are made of a non-conductive material that is more resistant to hydraulic erosion than traditional steel spiders.

Pressure module

Inrock can provide a pressure module which enables users to monitor critical pressure readings directly behind the drill bit and mud motor.  The ParaTrack2 Pressure Module adds drillpipe and annular pressure sensors to the ParaTrack steering tool.  Pressure is monitored in real time and can be graphed and displayed for the driller with limit warnings set.  The Pressure Module requires a Pressure-Orienting-Sub to both maintain steering tool operation and port annular borehole pressure to the Pressure Module.  The Paratrack software graphically represents the drill pipe and annulus and delta pressures in real time.  This data can then be integrated with Inrock’s CrossView data recorder so that the data can be graphed alongside other critical drilling parameters to present a holistic view of drilling operations.  In addition, CrossView allows data to be shared with other project stakeholders on or off site in real time.

Side entry adapter and collector ring

Inrock has developed a side entry adapter to facilitate the use of wireline guidance systems on rigs not originally designed for wireline guidance applications. The adapter attaches to the rotating pipe on the back side of the carriage in front of the non-rotating mud line. The method is completed with the aid of a collector ring which is essentially an electronic swivel used to connect power from a rotating source to a non-rotating receiver.