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CrossView® Electronic Data Recording System CrossView

INROCK® CROSSVIEW® system is the first electronic data recorder system (EDR) specifically designed for the HDD industry. CrossView® consists of a system of sensors, computers and networking equipment designed to deliver critical rig information to a variety of users.

Use CrossView® to improve operations and increase profitability as well as share information securely with other project stakeholders in real-time.

Key Features
  • Monitors critical rig site information in real-time
  • Data presented through an intuitive user interface specifically designed for HDD
  • Share information securely through remote desktop or mobile interfaces
  • Data stored in a secure central server for review and historical analysis
Selected Parameters Measured
  • Force on Bit (FOB)
  • Depth Tracking (MD)
  • Rate of Penetration (ROP)
  • Thrust Force
  • Pull Force
  • Rotary Torque
  • Spindle RPM and Count
  • Pump Volume
  • Pump Pressure
  • Pump Strokes and Total Strokes
  • Pit Volume
  • Pit Volume Totals
  • Cone Revolutions for tool life
INROCK has also added to the ability to integrate data from the Paratrack Steering System into CrossView. Now users can view and record critical data from the steering tool including Annular Pressure (AP). Tracking and analyzing Annular Pressure is critical to understanding and mitigating the risk of Inadvertent Returns. Now users can monitor this critical parameter in real-time. For information relating to pressure monitoring tools, click here

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