INROCK’s® XTR reaming line is the proven leader in HDD reaming applications. XTR-W is INROCK’s newly released welded-in cutter reaming line. XTR-W provides a high-quality alternative to traditional “split bit” reamers. The streamlined and robust XTR-W design leverages INROCK’s proven cutter technology to deliver a cost-effective and high performance reaming tool to the HDD market.


XTR-W benefits

  • High-quality alternative to single-use “split bit” reamers
  • Simple but robust tool architecture (patent pending)Lower price point vs. interchangeable reaming platforms
  • Lower price point vs. interchangeable reaming platforms
  • Available in MT or TCI
  • Sealed Bearing Segments
  • Advantages vs. traditional split bit hole openers
  • Body design leads to consistency and repeatable quality resulting in the “same tool each time”
  • Utilizes INROCK’s proprietary sealed bearing segments providing consistent supply of reliable, quality cone segments vs. inconsistent/varying quality and supply of split bit components
  • Cone segment attack angle and carbide pattern optimized for HDD drilling vs. split bit segments designed to function within a tri-cone assembly for oilfield drilling
  • All components are fully traceable










Design & Manufacturing

All XTR-W tools undergo a rigorous design process including finite element analysis (FEA). INROCK utilizes dynamic computer-based simulations to ensure tools can withstand the rigors of HDD operations before they go downhole. This includes utilizing our proprietary methodology to analyze the impact of a tight radius or dogleg formations. All XTR-W tools are manufactured in-house providing full traceability of each component. In addition, all tools undergo demanding quality control measures including the inspection of all welds by a 3rd party. All of this contributes to delivering a high-quality tool every time.

Available in sizes ranging from 12 3/4 ” to 30 ”


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