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Skipping a reaming pass to improve profitability

Published — 2022-05-02

Inrock recently assisted two HDD contractors in the successful completion of two projects in the United States.  In both instances, Inrock worked with the clients to remove a pass from their planned reaming program, resulting in significant time and money savings for the customers.

Overall, the situations were relatively similar. Both clients needed to complete an approximately 1600 ft bore with a final hole size of 24” in hard rock. The pilot hole was 8 ¾ for one and 9 7/8 for the other.  The contractors used rigs ranging from 220K to 250K with maximum pump capacities of 300-350 GPM.  Both contractors initially planned to execute the projects with two reaming passes.

Thoughtful Planning & On-site Support

Inrock first reviewed the bore including geotechnical information and bore profile. We also cross-checked the geotechnical information with our inhouse resources to verify the information provided.  Based on this review, and respective contractor rig configurations, Inrock recommended a single reaming pass using a 24” 5 cone TCI rock reamer. We then customized the tools to maximize impact force and fluid velocity based on each client’s equipment configuration. Inrock was also on-site to assist with the startup of the tool and advise the contractors on optimum run parameters, since this was the first time either customer had attempted this pass strategy. 

Saved Time and Money

The customers successfully completed both projects in one pass and used only one tool. Inrock estimated that this reduced the customer reaming time by 40-50%, and they only needed to purchase one tool for the project. Overall, this approach saved the customers a significant amount of time and money relative to a multiple reaming pass program.   

Removing a pass or passes is often possible with careful review of the bore plan, geotechnical information and equipment configuration. Don’t hesitate to contact Inrock for assistance in planning your next HDD project. We will help you to evaluate reaming pass options and build custom tooling programs to maximize the profitability on your project.

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