INROCK® is the HDD industry-recognized global leader in performance drilling tools, equipment and services with Sales and Operations facilities in the USA, UK, Canada and Latin America. The company was founded in 1993 and together with the support of our customers has remained solely dedicated to the dynamic growth of the HDD industry and the success of our clients. INROCK pioneered the first rock drilling projects ever attempted in the HDD industry and continues to focus its resources on setting the standards for HDD performance drilling tools, equipment, and services, historical industry advancing developments pioneered by INROCK include:


  • Design and launch of proprietary XTR® – Extreme Reamer reaming platform. The only tool capable of utilizing XTR soft rock milled tooth (MT), XTR medium hard rock and HDX premium hard rock cutters on the same reamer body.
  • Introduction and sole source supplier of proven hard rock HDX® bit and reamer cutting technology.
  • World record 72″ XTR Extreme Reamer drilling tool designed and fabrication.
  • Introduction of ParaTrack guidance technology greatly broadening the scope of feasible HDD projects with the advent of Intersect technology, BTS-Beacon Tracking System, single wire and parallel tracking applications, ABIA.
  • Launch of CrossView®, the first electronic data recorder system (EDR) specifically designed for the HDD industry.


INROCK is proud of its customer-driven performance enhancing contributions to the continuing advancement and growth of the global HDD industry.

The experienced dedicated HDD personnel at INROCK strive to provide our clients real value every day. We pledge to continue to provide 24/7 services and support at the highest level to earn your trust and business.


INROCK Setting the Standards of Performance.