INROCKĀ®, is Vector Magnetics’ HDD Steering Tool Systems, authorized distributor, and HDD partner, providing ParaTrack equipment sales, rental, service, and support. utilizes an all angle, high-resolution system that provides the driller with continuous updates on tool face, azimuth, and inclination.

Depth, horizontal distance, and deviation from a predetermined course is computed at the surface with the data received from the downhole steering tool.

The steering tool, situated in the non-magnetic collars behind the motor or jetting assembly, sends data to the steering tool interface via a single conductor wire. This data is demodulated and sent to the driller’s console so that constant drill head positioning can be maintained.


Basic underground tracking system utilizing a single wire installed on centerline (surface) or inside an adjacent product line (underground) either in a single wire (earth) or return coil configuration. A known, measurable magnetic field utilizing DC current is generated which allows tracking of the borehole drilling assembly. This feature is compatible with the majority of prior generation steering tools presently in the HDD market.

HDD’s most advanced, multiple featured guidance system. Paratrack utilizes proprietary AC current technology providing multiple sources magnetic tracking options enabling continuous development of creative, technical guidance solutions. The array of guidance features includes Intersections, Beacon Tracking (BTS), Parallel bore tracking, Single wire applications, Pressure (PWD) monitoring, and Micro- coil tracking.

Used in conjunction with the patented, the steering tool can deliver pinpoint accuracy in areas of magnetic interference.

The Vector Magnetics Steering Tool system is rapidly be adopted as the HDD industry standard for underground guidance accuracy.

Rely on INROCKĀ® Guidance Systems for all of your directional needs.