PRODUCTS: Steerable Jetting Assembly


INROCK® supplies a modular steerable jetting assembly. It differs from standard jetting tools by expanding the formation hardness range of jetting applications to short rock sections, occasional boulders and intermittent “hard” spots. This feature reduces the need to trip out of the bore to change tools resulting in lower job costs and higher profitability.

INROCK®’s Jetting assembly utilizes a jetted rock bit in conjunction with a bent/extension sub. The assembly is used in the same manner as a standard jetting assembly…rotate to drill straight ahead, or stop rotating and jet ahead to make steering corrections. When a hard section is encountered, the rock bit is rotated. Directional control is resumed when softer formations are entered.

INROCK®’s Steerable Jetting Assembly is compatible with Walkover Guidance Systems or Wireline Guidance Systems and is available in several size ranges to drill pilot holes from 3-1/2″ to 12-1/4″ diameters.



  • Drill Bit – Rugged and dependable Drill Bits with directed jet nozzles can drill straight ahead or directionally through soft sand, clay, certain rock formations, and boulders.
  • Alignment Shims – Align the directed jet nozzle of the drill bit with the bent sub.
  • Bent/Extension Sub – Bend angle and length of the sub are designed to achieve desired build rate. The Bent/Extension Sub is utilized with either a Sonde Housing or Orientation Sub for directional guidance


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