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  INROCK®'s Guidance Services:   INROCK® has been supplying the HDD Industry with cutting edge technology since it's beginning. INROCK® has always strived to improve and seek new technology to better serve its customers.  

INROCK® uses the latest technology ParaTrack 1 and ParaTrack 2. This technology allows the field engineer to have the freedom of using the right technology for the job.

ParaTrack 1 uses the old technology that utilizes a DC power source to provide current run through a 8 gauge wire to generate a magnetic field. With this magnetic field the down hole steering tool can read this field and transmit the data to the surface.

  • Underground Parallel tracking
  • Ability to use offset surface coils
  • uses old DC technology
  • can be used with other steering systems


INROCK®'s newest technology allows the field engineer to us an AC power source to provide a magnetic field. This generates a much bigger field with less power. ParaTrack 2 allows the field engineer the freedom to place surface coils where in the past it was unfeasible. Single wire tracking allows the engineer to place a single wire down center line of the bore or offset, to generate the magnetic field for tracking. In the past a coil had to be placed in a specific orientation. Now with ParaTrack that is no longer an issue. The engineer can use one surface coil to locate multiple parallel bores. Intersections are now feasible using PMR or RM technology.

  • Paratrack 1Single Guide Wire Tracking - Surface or underground tracking, with or without return
  • Magnetic Field Tracking flexibility - Standard magnetic field grid positioning is no longer necessary
  • Parallel Tracking - Precision underground tracking of multiple parallel bores
  • Intersections - Precision underground tracking of two separate or multiple boreholes approaching from varying directions for the purpose of joining these together.
    ParaTrack 2 intersect technology enables HDD installations of much greater length and depth than previously considered.
  • Pressure - PWD - Pressure While Drilling - Measures annular and drill pipe pressure, enabling monitoring of drill string and drilling total performance and borehole frac-out detection.
  • Micro-coil tracking Technology - Utilized in civil construction projects for precision installations in the tunneling and foundation industries.

Beacon Tracking System
  • Beacon Tracking System - BTS - Precision WIRELESS underground tracking enables combination wire/wireless or totally wireless HDD installations where previously wire guided installations were difficult or not feasible.