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Paratrack Paratrack®

The ParaTrack ® Steering Tool system is used to provide a secondary means of verification of the positioning of the drill head when magnetic interference is encountered.

HDD Guidance technology, developed and manufactured by Vector Magnetics, is rapidly being adopted as the HDD industry's recognized standard for underground guidance accuracy.

Typical Performance Summary

A magnetic field is induced which overcomes the interference caused by ferrous materials along the bore path.

Used in conjunction with the Vector Magnetics down hole Steering Tool, ParaTrack sets the industry standard for trenchless construction by providing accurate guidance of the bit regardless of magnetic interference. Lateral and vertical accuracy measures 0.2 ft/10 ft of borehole depth (2%).

ParaTrack system allows the engineer the flexibility to construct coils in a manor previously unimaginable by prior steering tool systems. The ParaTrack system allows the engineer to use both DC and AC current in the coil configurations.

ParaTrack unique multiple source magnetic tracking capabilities continue to expand HDD installation applications. INROCK is Vector Magnetics’ authorized distributor and HDD partner, providing ParaTrack equipment sales, rental, service and support.

Paratrack1 – Basic underground tracking system utilizing a single wire installed on centerline (surface) or inside an adjacent product line (underground) either in a single wire (earthed) or return coil configuration. A known, measurable magnetic field utilizing DC current is generated which allows tracking of the borehole drilling assembly. This feature is compatible with the majority of prior generation steering tools presently in the HDD market.

Paratrack2 – HDD’s most advanced, multiple feature guidance system

Paratrack2 utilizes proprietary AC current technology providing multiple source magnetic tracking options enabling continuous development of creative, technical guidance solutions. The array of guidance features now available include:

  • Single Guide Wire Tracking - Surface or underground tracking, with or without return wire
  • Magnet Field Tracking Flexibility - Standard magnetic field grid positioning is no longer necessary
  • Parallel Tracking - Precision underground tracking of multiple parallel bores
  • Intersections - Precision underground tracking of two separate or multiple boreholes approaching from varying directions for the purpose of joining these together. Paratrack2 intersect technology enables HDD installations of much greater length than previously considered.
  • Beacon Tracking System - Precision WIRELESS underground tracking enables combination wire/wireless or totally wireless HDD installations where previously wire guided installations were difficult or not feasible.
  • Pressure - PWD - Pressure While Drilling – Measures annular and drill pipe pressures, enabling monitoring of drill string and drilling total performance and borehole frac-out detection.

The Paratrack® System allows the HDD contractor to bore with confidence when magnetic interference is encountered along the bore path.

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