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INROCK®’s patented* XTR-S® platform is the only HDD reaming platform (body design) with field interchangeable cutters covering the full spectrum of rock formations encountered in HDD drilling applications. The XTR-S® reamer design allows drillers to easily change cutters, both tungsten carbide insert (TCI) and milled tooth (MT) on job site, in minutes, without any welding. XTR®-S cutters (TCI & MT), manufactured by INROCK®, incorporate "state of the science" sealed bearing system design features, propriety cutting structure, and a unique, patented*, cutter retention system, the key to effective field interchangeability.

INROCK®’s XTR®-S tangible savings to contractors include:

  • INROCK's proprietary, high performance cutter design available on a revolutionary reaming platform results in lowest cost per foot drilling
  • XTR-S® removes all costs associated single use, single formation focused split bit reamers, such as freight to a weld repair facility, weld repair time and cost or new body costs with each split bit reamer.
  • XTR-S® interchangeable cutter (TCI & MT) reaming platform provides the flexibility to use a single reamer body on multiple bores selecting the best cutters for the job without committing to purchase multiple, single use split bit reamers.

Available in sizes ranging from 12-3/4 to 24" on 3.5" IF connections and 18" to 24" on 4.5" IF connections.

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15" XTR-S MT