Paratrack 2


ParaTrack 2 is the latest technology to make advancements in the HDD industry. By using AC current in the surface coil, generating a magnetic field, taking steering tool shots have decreased from a few minutes to only a few seconds. ParaTrack 2 software gives the user the ability to utilize many advantages in secondary tracking. Single wire tracking allows the engineer the ability to place a single 10 – 14 gauge wire along the bore path (can be offset) and grounded at both ends. Applying AC current to the wire generates a magnetic field that the ParaTrack probe can detect. Other advantages the ParaTrack 2 system has is Intersect technology. This allows for pinpoint precision tracking and locating to have bores drilled towards each other and in between meet somewhere. The method of tracking can be a surface coil, PMR (Passive Magnet Ranging), or RM (Rotating Magnet). ParaTrack 2 intersect technology enables HDD installations of much greater length than previously considered.