PRODUCTS: Air Hammers


XTH-40 Hammer


INROCK’s XTH® air hammer systems are specifically designed for the unique needs of the HDD market. INROCK developed its XTH® line to deliver lower cost per foot operation, lower maintenance costs and increased performance relative to other hammer systems. Available in two sizes, the XTH®-40 with a 5 1/4″ cut and the XTH®-50 with 6 1/8″ cut, INROCK covers your needs from 20K lbs to 100K lbs rigs.

INROCK has also provided a proprietary side load sonde housing which is designed to air flow in hammer drilling applications which increases drilling efficiency.

INROCK®’s XTH hammer systems include everything a driller needs to for a successful hammer project including hammers, sonde housings, adapters, bits, oiler and safety tongs.

Hammer Guidance

INROCK® has also developed a solution to run a hammer in tandem with a traditional wireline steering tool, allowing contractors to expand the applications where air hammers can be used. This solution involves using INROCK®’s Air Hammer system combined with the Paratrack wireline steering tool. INROCK® has successfully guided a number of air hammer jobs.


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